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Free by Think Nguyen

Free by Think Nguyen ไพ่ที่ผู้ชมเลือก ถูกสับคละเข้าไปในสำรับ ถามผู้ชมว่า ไพ่ 52 ใบ เลือกใบที่เท่าไหร่ สมมุติผู้ชมบอก ...

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ACAAN Sessions

ACAAN Sessions by Tango Magic Marcelo Insua meets in his famous "Bar Magico" with friends to talk about specific topics...

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X-ACT BY MIKE KIRBY Description The buzz about this trick is phenomenal.When Mike sent me his idea for A Card At Any N...

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Trinity by Dani DaOrtiz

Trinity by Dani DaOrtiz  Welcome to Trinity, Dani DaOrtiz's masterclass on control by making it loo...

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7 Secrets

7 Secrets 7 BRAND NEW, NEVER RELEASED SECRETS We met Dani in a 'knock-off' Starbucks in a dusty corner of a Vegas Casi...

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instaCAAN InstaCAAN takes the "Card at Any Number" plot to incredible new heights with a kicker ending that will...

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Just The Soul

"Just the Soul" is a super practical and direct CAAN effect plucked directly from the working repertoire of Adrian Vega....

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Quantum Deck

Quantum Deck The ICONIC Card At Any Number - revolutionizedA once in a generation, giant leap forward in Card...

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